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We offer a vast range of fireworks display package, simple cost-effective and hassle-free fireworks displays.


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We offer a vast range of fireworks display packages ONLY. Offering packages mean that you get the very best fireworks that your budget will allow. We have put together top seller packs that means instead of the spending hours and hours of precious time putting together your own package, then editing the content until the price of your fireworks meets your budget requirements. Well no more,  will have done all the hard work for you. Total Home Fireworks is a specialist supplier of European and Chinese fireworks throughout the United Kingdom, and is a sister company to the fireworks display that you’re about to book tickets for. We offer the best quality of firework entertainment at affordable prices, with the convenience of delivery to your door. Operating without a showroom to run means that we are able to keep costs done and past the savings on.

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Its all about the package deal here at Total home fireworks. Instead of going through countless websites and spending hours and hours creating your fireworks display and not getting any discounts or deals. Or even going to the supermarkets and getting very weak and extremely low-quality fireworks, which produce less than half the advertised effect and last only a few seconds, wasting money that you could spend on fireworks that are of an excellent quality from Total Home Fireworks. Why not pick from 1 or more of our packs with multiple brands and excellent quality of fireworks.






What We Offer


Take the hassle out of buying home fireworks, and hours of shopping only to find out you have to collect them for multiple different places.

NEW FOR 2018

All our stock is new this year or last, So you can be sure that you’re getting fresh fireworks that will work as they are meant to.


Offering packages mean that you get the very best fireworks that your budget will allow, all fireworks are picked to give the best experience.


What People are Saying

“A Great package for home use”

” We can’t believe what we got for our money, all that was in our platinum pack was amazing ”

“Fabulous DIAMOND pack”

” The diamond pack that we purchased was very reasonably priced and was plenty for our large famil Diwail fireworks display at home. ”

“Another successful experience”

” We have been to this companies fireworks display, so this year we wanted to do both. The Revenge of the guy pack is exelentvalue for money and better than any supermarket or high street shop ”

“Top value package value”

” We have a large enough garden so we inviter the family over for Diwlai and purchesed the Ultimate pack, and everyone chipped towards it. That was the best Home display ever, the kids loved it. ”


Total Home Fireworks is an approved online fireworks shopping site concentrating on both retail fireworks and fireworks displays. With over 20 years’ experience in the pyrotechnics industry, our aim is to provide great quality fireworks, ensuring that our customers’ needs and requirements are met. Whilst most of our trade concentrates on Guy Fawkes Night and Diwali, we also cater for individual family occasions, such as Birthdays, Weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and New Year celebrations. Buy fireworks online and get the best quality of firework products at outstanding prices. Our online fireworks catalogue of fireworks packages offers the latest in all pyrotechnics. Selection Box Fireworks, Rocket Fireworks, Roman Candle Fireworks, Shot Cake Fireworks, Single Ignition Display Fireworks, Aerial Fireworks, Garden Fountain Fireworks, Catherine Wheel Fireworks, Sparkler Fireworks and a lot more.

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