Revenge of the guy epic package


The Revenge of the Guy firework display pack has been designed and priced to appeal to fireworks connoisseurs and display organisers alike.

Superb quality and value make up this stunning collection of large-scale pyro and if you are anything like us, you will love the breath-taking “Screaming Spiders” – 100 shots of whistling bouquets that burst into some of the most magnificent wave effects we have ever seen, 2 of these fired together will ensure your finale is something to be remembered.

1 x Thunderous Finale
2 x Angry Tigers
1 x Screaming Spiders
2 x Elite
2 x Fury
2 x Dragon Warrior
2 x Aftershock
2 x Hot Shots
1 x Passfire
1 x Camelot Storm
1 x Merlins Madness
1 x Excalibur
1 x Lancelots Revenge
1 x Avenger
1 x Pandemonium
1 x Moving Target
1 x Heavy Duty
1 x King Cobra
1 x Humming Hornets
1 x Dr Thrust
1 x Sky Thriller Rocket
1 x Smiley Face Rocket
2 x Sky Storm Rockets
2 x Green Ballhead Rocket
40 x Medusa Rockets

Safty and set up
2 x Safety Goggles
1 x Firing Order
1 x Safety Instructions
1 x Set Up Plan

we reserve the right to supstitute items that become out of stock with items of a similar value



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